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Welcome to SAFBOB Funerals and Cremations for Affordable Funerals Pretoria and Budget Cremations Pretoria  


Here at SAFBOB Cremations and Funerals our undertaker take care of the deceased and the family needs.

SAFBOB offers Budget Funerals and Cremations. Funerals are normally very expensive but SAFBOB Funerals and Cremations offers affordable funeral cover Pretoria, professional funeral arrangements and cremations at very affordable rates. SAFBOB offers ďcheap cremations PretoriaĒ, cheap funerals PretoriaĒ, funeral cover, funeral insurance, caring funerals, Pretoria cremations and affordable funerals Pretoria.


Ask yourself the following questions about your funeral undertaker?

1. Is the funeral home registered?
2. Is it affordable prices?
3. Is the funeral home fitted with the right facilities to accommodate bodies?
4. Is the funeral home registered at the NFDA?
5. How long does the funeral home exist?
6. Does the funeral home have a license for their chillers and are they fully equipped?

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This is your loved one being buried or cremated and we are sure you want the very best for your deceased


Call an undertaker at SAFBOB for a Professional, affordable funeral cover.

Funeral Rates

Please contact us for more information or prices


Silent Cremations:   from...R4, 850.00

Cheap Cremations:       from...R5, 800.00

Cheap Funerals:      from... R6, 900.00

Included:  Coffin, Grave and Flowers

Excluded:  Church fees and pamphlets


SAFBOB Funerals for Affordable Funerals, Funeral cover and Cheap Cremations Pretoria, Gauteng


SAFBOB Funerals for Affordable Funerals and Cheap Cremations Pretoria, Gauteng

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Contact an Undertaker for more Information


Tel: 012-331 5030

Fax 086 579 6691

Cell: 082 795 0816 (Theo)

        079 386 4517 (Hendrik)

Email: safbob123@gmail.com


Physical Address


1022 Hertzog Street



Tel: 012-331 5030 | Cell: 082 795 

Tel: 012-331 5030 |  Cell: 082 795 0816 Email: safbob123@gmail.com 

SAFBOB Funerals and Undertaker cares for the deceased and the loved ones left behind in sorrow. Needing a Budget Funeral cover or Cremations? We offer Affordable Funerals, Funeral cover, Undertaker and cheap Cremations in Pretoria and Gauteng. SAFBOB Funerals and Cremations Pretoria offers Cheap funerals Pretoria, Affordable funerals, funeral cover, inexpensive affordable Cremations, Quality and cheaper cremation Coffins, Funeral arrangements, Undertaker, funerals, begrafnise, Verassings, Begrafnis Polisse Begrafnis kiste, begrafnis dienste, begrafnis reŽlings in Pretoria? Call us today for a FREE Quotation. We at SAFBOB Funerals Pretoria Cremations really care and understand

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Welkom by SAFBOB Begrafnisdienste en verassings 

SAFBOB gee werklik om! SAFBOB begrafnisdienste bied u bekostigbare begrafnis reŽlings, begrafnisse, begrafnisdienste en verassings teen baie lae tariewe.

Skakel ons vir professionele Begrafnis ondernemer dienste.

Begrafnis Pryse


Kontak ons asseblief vir meer inligting en pryse


Stil Verasings:   vanaf...R4,850.00

Verassings:       vanaf...R5,800.00

Begrafnisse:      vanaf...R6,900.00

Ingesluit:  Kis,Graf en Blomme

Uitgesluit:  Die Kerkfooie en Blaadjies